New home, new lamp. Built it from scratch, this time with pieces from an old map book… Advertisements

It’s there, for all to see…. Ercoo’s Instagram   The lamp I built myself from scratch. My DIY Zettel’z. or > Ercoo Shop. . . #ingomaurer #pendantlamp #pendantlight #zettelz #diy #handmade #paperlamp #designlamp Een foto die door ercoodeperco is geplaatst op 30 Aug 2015 om 2:19 PDT //

Hi there, one of my friends had the idea to use this lamp as a marriage gift. Excellent: the married couple gets a design lamp as a gift, to which they can attach all te cards lying in their mailbox if they come back from their honeymoon ! The standard version can attach 30 cards, but […]

I changed my own lamp to a Christmas Version. Just to show what u can do with the suspension lamp. It now holds some paper christmas trees, and chrismas cards. I also put in a blank paper in the metal mesh casing to dim the light a little. Make sure that u only do this […]

Hi there. I made a video on how to finish the lamp if u have ordered the “75% completed KIT” . In this kit, i already prepare the electrical part (cable, strain reliefs, ceiling cover, lamp holder, connector for the electric cables coming from your ceiling). I also prepare the metal-mesh column and i put […]

Today I posted a new video. The first one how to assemble the lamp from the DIY – Materials Only KIT. It is actually a universal manual on how to build a suspension lamp. This one will be part of the playlist on how to assemble my complete DIY lamp based on the Zettel’z by Ingo […]

Found another site from Glen Chan with a nice replica of the Zettel’z 5′. Building instructions would be nice ! This is also a DIY with cheap materials, though not sure which parts are used for the steel pins and the inner suspension construction.