My DIY Zettelz imitation Lamp, shot by Merdahn Photography

Looks a lot better when shot in a real studio ! Pictures shot by Merdahn.


See my earlier post , how to Buy of these Zettel’z inspired DIY chandeliers yourself.

… … … Zettel’z Lamps design by Ingo Maurer can be hand crafted. This site shows my own DIY project. I wanted to buy the Zettel’z but found it too expensive. So after some hours, i found a workaround. All the materials (nice colored wire, ceramic lamp holder, metal casing, steel pins, metal clips, loom bands) i got from different (online) shops and put them together with this result. Because most of the materials are a bit costly to buy a piece, i was left with some extra materials. So i made a copy that i could sell on ETSY. Selbst zettel’z basteln. Zelfgemaakte zettel’z hanglamp a la Ingo Maurer. ideas para hacer una lámpara zettel’z


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