Building Instructions 1 – DIY Zettel’z Chandelier replica.

Hi there. I started to film how I built my lamp. If you got the materials, these video’s will help you to assemble the chandelier. The KIT with all the materials can be ordered here. Off course, the orignal by Ingo Maurer is much more solid and has a glass part around the lamp as well…


First u need to make the metal casing. For this, I used an aluminium mesh. Cut it to the right size (heigth approx 33 cm. width 51-54cm). Then roll it so that u got a double layer. Then fix it together with small metal wires. (i used the inner metal part of sandwhich bag sealers).

click on pictures for the 2 video’s…

cuttingIMG_2203 IMG_2202

 … … … Zettel’z Chandelier Lamps design by Ingo Maurer can be hand crafted. This site shows my own DIY project. I wanted to buy the Zettel’z but found it too expensive. So after some hours, i found a workaround. All the materials (nice colored wire, ceramic lamp holder, metal casing, steel pins, metal clips, loom bands) i got from different (online) shops and put them together with this result. Because most of the materials are a bit costly to buy a piece, i was left with some extra materials. So i made a copy that i could sell on ETSY. Selbst zettel’z basteln. Zelfgemaakte zettel’z hanglamp a la Ingo Maurer. ideas para hacer una lámpara zettel’z. Chandeliers Zettel’z 5 Zettel’z 7


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