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DIY Zettel’z – More instructions

Today I posted a new video. The first one how to assemble the lamp from the DIY – Materials Only KIT. It is actually a universal manual on how to build a suspension lamp. This one will be part of the playlist on how to assemble my complete DIY lamp based on the Zettel’z by Ingo […]

Another Nice imitation of the Ingo Maurer Suspension Lamp

Found another site from Glen Chan with a nice replica of the Zettel’z 5′. Building instructions would be nice ! This is also a DIY with cheap materials, though not sure which parts are used for the steel pins and the inner suspension construction.

Mini – Z.

Started to design a mini version of Ingo Maurer zettel’z replica. Will also be a DIY chandelier. I’m still thinking about the relative sizes of lamp / paper / metal pins. Any comments most welcome!

Building Instructions 1 – DIY Zettel’z Chandelier replica.

Hi there. I started to film how I built my lamp. If you got the materials, these video’s will help you to assemble the chandelier. The KIT with all the materials can be ordered here. Off course, the orignal by Ingo Maurer is much more solid and has a glass part around the lamp as […]

My DIY Zettelz imitation Lamp, shot by Merdahn Photography

Looks a lot better when shot in a real studio ! Pictures shot by Merdahn. See my earlier post , how to Buy of these Zettel’z inspired DIY chandeliers yourself.

Other People’s Zettel’z DIY projects …

I’m not the only one who is inspired. See these sites…. Danny Mavromatis 2005 version. Requires some serious materials and equipment. or this one … and here a discussion about DIY the thing….

My DIY Hanging Lamp on

The hanging Lamp that i built myself is now for sale on ETSY.COM. the Zettel’z inspired DIY imitation lamp in my shop: You can either buy the complete set of materials to build it yourself . No fancy materials needed, u can do it on your couch ! Or buy a lamp that i will already […]