The following materials are used:

metal mesh, with spaces of about 0.5cm to make the metal casing.
thin metal wires for fasting mesh (10x)
colored electricity cable 80-100cmcm
ceiling cover
connector to ceiling electricity wire
strain relief   ( 2x )
porcelain E27 lamp holder
metal pins ( 11 x 1m ) and ( 4x 0.5m )
metal clips  (30 x)
rubber bands   (15x red) and (30x yellow)
30 paper sheets, A6 size, or any card you want to attach.

I do sell all these items in a kit that can be sent anywhere in the world.

If you want to order a complete kit with only these bare materials without anything constructed, please contact me on my email.

I also sell a KIT that has most parts already constructed. This kit can be ordered through my shop on ETSY.com . Alternatively, you can buy it outside ETSY and save yourself some money (email me).

Some materials I could only buy bulk on internet, and added with the shipping costs, the KIT might be a reasonable time-saving option that is cost effective for you. See for yourself !


Good luck. Ercoo


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